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Mick Stevens

University of Connecticut
QA Analyst
Hartford, Connecticut Area
I started my career as a Technical Support hardware specialist. The company created its own software to control the massive machines that it manufactured. As the company restructured, I eventually added software testing to my my list. There was no official QA or testing group, just me. I did the hardware and software training, wrote the training/user's guides, tested the software, and wrote the release notes. Then I moved to testing web applications, and then was laid off.

I never had a QA or Testing title, but I was extremely lucky to get a QA Analyst role at a university that wanted to add testing processes to its Project Management Group. This is a unique situation because UConn does not really create any real software of its own. They mostly are working on improving their ERP system or adapting someone else's program to exchange data with their various data systems, including their ERP and State controlled systems.

The testing role at a university is very different than what I have been reading about on AST and other testing sites. I am hoping to meet people in similar situations and to be able to share ideas about the unique challenges in higher ed.